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  1. I’d like to have a discussion on collections of born digital materials that go outside the realm of static files, such as saved video games, gifs, etc. Can a promising politician’s SimCity game tell us about their influences, or will the natural disasters unleashed on their city tarnish their street creed?

  2. “Ferguson” Toolbox.

    More than once on twitter someone has asked about how to record (not necc. ‘archive’) social media (mostly Twitter and links, I think) in Omeka.

    This should not be an Omeka-centric thing. But it does show the need for a quick (less than 5 min) setup to grab info about current events. Yes, I love that Twitter will be passed on to LoC, but I think we need more. Storify and similar get part of the way, but I sense we need more.

    So, let’s set parameters in this session for a toolbox for grabbing data about fast-breaking events from social media.

    What are the criteria for such a toolbox?

  3. Jim Gerencser says:

    Looking for thoughts/ideas/suggestions for how to develop and build a complex relational database with MANY fields to allow unique queries of the data by users. As a kicker, I’m not even sure how to express all of the potential challenges of the data entry process, given the disparate nature of the original sources from which this data would be drawn.

  4. I just learned about WikiData. I would love a session on how adding this type of structure to Wikipedia could be leveraged. I am also open to the first part of this session being an exploration of what WikiData is and how it is being implemented.

    • Rena says:

      We need more inghists like this in this thread.

    • http://www./ says:

      It is interesting that the number of snowstorms was fairly average. Obviously, total inches per storm was much less. It was even worse outside of NoVT. Some lines at Cannon were not skiable (without significant rock damage in most cases or not at all for the most extreme lines) all season. I didn’t skin local lost area Tenney once due to lack of coverage.Nice write up!

  5. Tiger says:

    I much prefer inmorfative articles like this to that high brow literature.

  6. It would make sense that Australia is going to take action, what with all the dust storms and drought. A lot of that nasty pollution comes from china by the wind. Climate Change is going to be devastating for a place like Australia. It is one of the driest places on earth.

  7. What great ideas! I have tried many different things. The favorite is the cookie sheet and magnets. This would be great for flying, everything has it’s place! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Et voilà un fromage que je ne connais pas… j'en ignorai même le nom.Je flashe totalement pour ton gâteau de pommes de terre qui ressemble à un gâteau Anna en encore plus riche avec le fromage. Je connais quelqu'un ici qui va aimer que dis-je, adorer!

  9. http://www./ says:

    Hi Ollie, salam kenal mau tanya li, kamu kan dah pernah ke phuket, terus kalau dari airport ke hotel kamu pakai taksi dari bandara ya? kena berapa ya? untuk paket tour di phi-phi islandnya, tinggal cari di pinggir2 jalan dah dapet ya? kira2 harganya berapa ya? tx ya.. Regards,Jade[]

  10. It is worse than that, of course. I select the whole document and then (illogically) go under PARAGRAPH and select single spacing… but only SOME of the document then goes single space! Whole swathes of it remain double spaced no matter what I do, Monstrous. In Word Perfect all I have to do is "show codes" and any such travesty can be eliminated by erasing the offending command. SOBs

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